Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Wordless Wednesday ~ April 1, 2015

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Cheryl Andrews
Barbara Lambert
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Elizabeth Yeoman


  1. Now this presents a knotty problem. The question is: is it also a naughty one? What's going on, through the peek hole? What's about to appear??? What is that vivid strip of lime green? A couch? What's lying on the couch? What's the misty grey vista?
    I love the texture of the wood, ---OH -- and now that I look more closely I think we are looking through this knotty problem ad a lime-green glass door! Curiouser and curiouser!
    The very first thing this made me think of is Eva Stachniak's novel THE WINTER PALACE whose central character is a young woman spy in the palace, who spends a lot of time with her eye to keyholes and wall-holes.
    And then of course Polonius too!
    In other words you've given us a lot to think about, Ms. AH.

  2. Beyond the amazing wood grain and the mystery of 'the other side', this strikes me as a meditation. ON the wood grain, ON the possibilities of the 'other side'. No answers here, not even interested in making up a story. I'm immediately drawn in, then I stop, happily transfixed with its layers as well as its simplicity.

    1. I really like your meditative approach. I'm going to have to cultivate that myself.

  3. Just read B's comment. I love the possibility of the green being a couch or a door. Would never have thought that. I assumed a fence hole on the other side of which was grass and a grey day. But I can see now that it's much more than that... I'll wait for the explanation. I'm going back to meditating now... (:

  4. Intriguing comp, Allison! All that visually tactile woodgrain and texture and yet ... a secret - something smooth, man-made and a soft lime green through the knothole. Lovely and 'telling' WW!