Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Wordless Wednesday ~ March 18, 2015

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  1. This is so evocative: of sunshine and summer, of hard times enlivened a little by bright primary colours, of travel to somewhere just ever so slightly exotic... It might be a rough neighbourhood but I'd like to sit on that stoop and enjoy my morning coffee on the sunny side.

  2. Pictures like this are among my favourites. Buildings and doors that appear to be abandoned and so create a thousand questions about what they *were* in their heyday. The colours here suggest some sort of frivolity. Might it have been a cottage once, or something near the beach, change rooms? And why is one door blocked? And how long ago was that done? Were two units made into one? I agree with Elizabeth about wanting to 'sit awhile'... but I'd prefer a lawn chair facing this view. I could sit and stare and imagine for yonks. With tea. And possibly a sandwich if that's not too much trouble...

  3. Oh Allison, you've done it again! This has everything. "Perfect" composition, wonderful colour, lovely texture, and "more questions than answers"! Brilliant. How the "red side" balances the "plain side"; how the blue step-thing ties them together, without being bang in "the middle", how I would love to get close and somehow inhale the smell of sun on that peel-surfaced red door. And what's behind that red window? Is this a "no-tell motel"????

  4. Oh Allison ... I just want to reach out and open that red door to discover what's behind it. What a great, colourful, and mystery-laden wordless photo.

  5. Thanks everyone for your comments! It is the backside of an old Penticton motel on the lake. I too, wondered about the closed-in door and boarded up window. Stories to tell there for sure! Elizabeth, your comment about "hard times" certainly echoes my impression too.