Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Wordless Wednesday ~ April 8, 2015

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Allyson Latta
Cheryl Andrews
Barbara Lambert
Carin Makuz
Elizabeth Yeoman


  1. I recently heard a comedian doing a bit about llamas in Saskatchewan... he said with their necks and the flatness of everything, they'd have an excellent view of pretty much forever. But this doesn't look like the prairies. Love the colours here, and even the textures have a sense of camouflage. Can just about reach out and feel that fur. Big fat zoom or were you close up?

  2. A bit of a zoom-in Carin, though not far away. And of course once we moved away they came close! I agree, they look so touchable. I love the prairie story:)

  3. They are such sweet goofily intelligent looking creatures, aren't they? They look as if they are making up limericks, or silly poems! And isn't it odd the way ungulates ten always to be facing in the same direction -- well frequently at least. On our hillside the deer lie down facing out at the view, always, which I'm told is a basic "anti-danger" response in both animals and humans. The silly poems just a bonus, in the Llama tribe. These ones are gorgeous. I feel like combing them and knitting a sweater … ah if only I could knit!

  4. Replies
    1. I thought of knitting too. There's a llama farmer at the market in summer. The wool's supposed to be amazing.

  5. Royalty on the hoof! Is that a baby Llama in the tall grass between these two exotic creatures, Allison?