Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Wordless Wednesday ~ March 4, 2015

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  1. This is making me think of something else, but I don't know what it is. What at first comes across as simplicity, isn't. There's The Something in the distance and the sliver of rock balanced by the sliver of 'roof' in the opposite corner. I feel like we're under something, a bridge maybe, or could it be those fish curing racks in Nfld? Could that be Fogo Island? Anyway, mystery aside, I love the criss-crossing of lines, the verticals with the horizontal of sky and water. Such an eye...

  2. "Cinnamon sticks" was the first thought that popped into my head. That lovely aromatic colour, against the heavenly blue; and the very very "delicious" spacing of the uprights…. But what they actually are eludes me. A lovely composition; and the sweet distant island in the far blue…. So satisfying.

  3. Hi all, they are indeed the structural supports for the Fogo Island Inn and you're seeing the ocean and an island in the background.

  4. OMG ... structural supports turned into visual art via your great eye, Allison.

  5. Did you stay at the Fogo Island Inn, Allison? I don't think I knew that. I have heard it is fantastic and would love to go there someday. Beautiful photo, so perfectly composed. I like the play of shadows, and love Barbara's description of the colour of the poles as aromatic - the shadows also somehow add to this oddly tropical effect of cinnamon against the cold steel blue of the North Atlantic.

  6. Elizabeth, unfortunately the cost is way out of our range, but we did go in and look around and spent a lot of time exploring the exterior which was stunning.