Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Wordless Wednesday ~ March 25, 2015

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  1. What a perfect "ironic" shot -- No Illusions indeed -- how many nickels will be dropped into the water during the lifetime maintenance of this sweet boat??? But a lovely composition too, the blue boat against the different shade of sky, the touch of blue something or other in the background, the brown-leafed tree to the left indicating that this year's boating season is still some time away…. This caused another of those Mmmmms, as I clicked on. (An automatic Mmmmm of appreciation.)

  2. I thought it was so perfectly named Barbara!

  3. This has more than a "hint" of hmm! The name of that boat could mean so many things -- definitely a writing prompt begging for a story. I see this photo as another (very different from Barbara's flowers) depiction of spring optimism, Allison. We want to will some leaves onto that tree and get the boat out on the water. Love that the blue of the boat is so rich and similar to the blue of that sky.

  4. Definitely a story I'd want to read. Who bought it? Who sold it? What's its history, its future... The 'namer' has a sense of humour, so already s/he's a character I like. Funny thing is boats often seem to be 'guy' things. I'm assuming this is owned by a guy, but who's to say? I'd prefer a story with a female owner... with a sense of humour, two dogs and a cat and named Sue. Oh the places they'll go! (:

  5. Stunning image ... wonder if they gave up on "... life's illusions ..."? Living in the present from this looks of this gem. Well seen and beautifully captured, Allison!