Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Wordless Wednesday ~ March 30, 2016

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  1. Ah, Ms. AH -- another little gasp of pleasure to click on to one of your WWs. I'm curious. Does this wondrous "Ursa" perhaps light up at night to show its constellation elements? And is it "minor" or "major"? Or am I asking too much. It is wonderful just as is, and both so solid and yet so transparent against the sky. Where???

  2. Surprisingly it's in Kelowna, near the waterfront, Barbara.

  3. Magnificent sculpture, Allison. I love your approach to the shot. The blue sky and cloud formations in the background places this metal bear smack dab in the natural world.

  4. The sculpture is fascinating, the pose of the majestic bear with its head up as if sniffing the air. But what I really love is that we see the sky and clouds through the figure, which gives it an ethereal feel. It does put one in mind of the constellation. And though he's metal of some sort, there's something rather delicate about the piece. I'm wondering, as did Barbara, whether he lights up at night. Lovely shot, Allison.

    1. I don't think so Allyson, however close up there are hundreds of smaller objects within the bear. (Will send a picture.)

    2. Yes! I can see things inside the structure... oh, it's just great. Is it new-ish? (Also, it has that familiar/traditional posture you often see in carvings.)

  5. Yes, what a different shot it would be without the clouds. I love this kind of outdoor art. There's a giant giraffe made out of old bits of metal on the roof of a welding business in Niagara. Anyone seen it? I'll look for this next time we're in town! (: