Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Wordless Wednesday ~ April 6, 2016

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  1. Hot and sauce shot, Allison. Such wee bottles of saucy goodies ... where?

  2. You always make me whoop in delight, Ms. AH -- today too! Not only that but your photo bears a stunning resemblance to the dream contents of my son-in-law's fridge, the hot-syauce-lover of the Western World. What a great and colourful shot. From the distance (when it's small) it could almost be some exotic apothecary shop shelf ... but of course when enlarge the true spicy nature comes clear. I love the colour, the almost "woven" texture... Terrific!

  3. haha! A woman after my own heart! And another for your fabulous series of 'repetition' (although I think that's not quite the right word). Your eye for line-up things is extraordinary... (:

  4. Allison, your photos are always surprising and intriguing. That is a LOT of hot sauce. My tongue burns just thinking about it. :) We've just discovered, belatedly, one that's apparently very popular: Frank's Red Hot. The author of our newest cookbook raves about it, and we've tried it in a few recipes. I definitely adds ZIP. I can even tell you why as a photo this so intrigues me. Maybe that like Barbara's shot (and yet it's so unlike Barbara's), there's a pattern here, created by the tiny bottles. Many are the same, red, but then there are these surprising (to the eye) patches of other colours. This would make a great kitchen poster.

  5. Oh, I love this! There is something strangely soothing about the repeating shapes and colours. Considering it's hot sauce, is that an example of irony? (I'm never sure I have irony straight.)