Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Wordless Wednesday ~ March 2, 2016

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  1. Another one that made me gasp, then peer and wonder! How perfect. In its small size it looks as if an idea for a poem had settled on lined paper, waiting to be transformed into words...but enlarged I see that the "lines" are actually a white brick wall and that somehow, magically, this must be a hovering piece of sculpture. How delicate, how intriguing. And, of course, what a perfect shot.

  2. My kind of art. Stunning piece. And if I can't have the birds (and the brick), the picture will do nicely. (: Lovely shot, Allison. The light is just so soft and perfect.

  3. Fascinating sculpture -- the way the birds seem to be bursting directly out of the white brick wall. They're simple (even to the basic contrast of black against white) and stylized, but they make a statement in that appealing configuration -- more so than if there were just one or even a few birds. The piece is delicate and inviting -- and how on earth is it attached so that they appear to be in flight? Where on earth did you spot this one, Ms. Howard? You have such an eye for unusual sculpture.

  4. A whimsical sculpture, Allison. So eye-catching in it's simple, clean lines juxtaposed against the geometry of white washed bricks. Great shot! Magical eye ...