Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Wordless Wednesday ~ July 30, 2014

Wordless Wednesday Friends:
Allyson Latta
Barbara Lambert
Carin Makuz
Elizabeth Yeoman
Cheryl Andrews


  1. Music, a table with tea cups, a blue wall, and a bright red blanket ... an intricate, perhaps sad, story to be revealed here, Allison. I feel the urge to whisper in this, someone's private space. The scene reminds me of where we slept during construction, except no couch - just a mattress on the floor. Definitely a thought provoking shot ...

  2. The bright colours snag the eye -- the blocks of blue, red, and green. We can't help but wonder who's sleeping here and why. It's makeshift, but very tidy, the bedspread pulled up. And are there two cups on the table? So, a couple sleeping here probably? But not necessarily. Could be a reno, or some other (happy or sad) reason for the stay in temporary-looking quarters. A marital breakup? A child come home after travel to his parents' home (but his bedroom's been turned into a sewing room!). There's an interesting geometric echo here too, of squares and rectangles -- the tarp, the bed with blanket, the pillows, the tabletop, the arms of the couch, the struts in the wall.

  3. Oh wordless indeed. A "sleep-out" -- but where, who? And whose little shoes are those? I love the blocks of colour, too, and the way the light comes through the gaps in the roof. There is certainly a story here! Hmmmmmm????

  4. I had the opportunity to go into an abandoned building (know locally as the Bus Barn) before it was demolished. It was indeed poignant to discover this vignette. Clearly it was home to someone at some time - someone who kept it neat and tidy. Home is where you make it.