Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Wordless Wednesday ~ January 1, 2014

The first of the New Year!
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  1. That is a brrrrrrrrrrrrrfect New Years Day shot Allison. And so beautiful. (Don't believe for a moment, though, that it's "not you".)

  2. That does it. I'm moving to Penticton. (:

  3. A faerie clad in red and black wearing furry boots and a sexy kitty in striped knee socks against that magnificent back drop ... absolutely love it!

  4. What a BEAUTIFUL photo!! So wonderful in so many ways.

  5. This is absolutely magical! Love the contrast of the majestic white/blue/grey backdrop and the colourfully clad fairies prancing (at least I see them prancing) on the shore. I can almost imagine them being tiny, like Tinker Bell. And I can certainly hear them laughing (between shivers?).