Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Wordless Wednesday ~ December 3, 2014

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  1. Well now. Embroidery, ribbons or paint? Those are my guesses. In the form of a question, you'll notice, as I haven't a clue what we have here. It put me in mind of the 'wheel star symbol' belonging to the Mohawks and which Frances Anne Hopkins painted on her images of canoes, as a sign of respect after spending much time in their neck of the woods with her Hudson's Bay employee husband. It's not actually 'like' that symbol, but it brought all that to mind. The power of the visual... Stunning work. Both the piece itself, and your rendering of it.

  2. What an interesting take, Carin. Actually it is a china plate (Royal Doulton) with the desert star pattern - I inherited it from my Mom as part of a set - well, a partial set. I believe it is one of the few mid-century modern designs they have done and I love it for how different it is from usual China patterns.

  3. My earlier comment seems to have disappeared Allison. I called the image a WW Who-Dunnit because, like Carin, it raises so many questions. Lovely graceful piece of work … but what???

  4. I shouldn't have read the comments before adding mine. I couldn't quite tell what it was either, Allison, but thought at first it was embroidery. What a surprise that it's china. It's lovely, anyway. It reminds me a bit of a Spirograph pattern. It's mesmerizing. So, desert star -- and how meaningful for you, that it's from your mom's set. It is indeed different from most Royal Doulton.

  5. A china plate - really! I too thought it was embroidery or ribbons, though I also wondered whether it might be edible - one of those elaborate things they make with sugar these days (though not quite as elaborate as the ones Allyson's ancestors made, now I come to think of it). Lovely that it is such unusual china, and that it came from your mother.

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