Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Wordless Wednesday ~ December 10, 2014

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Barbara Lambert
Allyson Latta
Carin Makuz
Cheryl Andrews
Elizabeth Yeoman


  1. Red chairs, a wheelbarrow, cabin, river, rock face, ducks!! All my favourite things. What peace in this shot. You so often capture places and moods of where I'd love to live. Have you thought of going into real estate?

  2. Summer! Clay cliffs radiating glorious heat; canal murmuring cooling words, white bird swimming (seagull?), brilliant pink and red chairs, and inside the sweet cottage is someone pouring a gin and tonic right this minute! This is enchanting. But I can't place where (exactly) it might be, though in the South Okanagan of course!

  3. Thank you Barbara and Carin! Indeed a peaceful scene - but nowhere near here - in St. John's actually - not far from our friend EY!

  4. Someone loves red (as I do)! What an inviting spot to hang out in the sun -- chairs nestled near that prettily painted house and beside the river. And that's an impressive cliff in the background. How high is it? And where, oh where, did you find this spot?

  5. Love the hits of intense red against that rock wall in the background, Allison. Man and nature in harmony with this beautiful shot!