Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Wordless Wednesday ~ April 30, 2014

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Barbara Lambert
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  1. How gorgeous. Those little cactus flowers are so very luscious and somehow magical when they briefly appear. And, of course, the picture also brings forth memories of many a surprised and very painful foot when one inadvertently steps on a hiding cluster after the blooms have signalled their prickly presence -- or, for me, on one occasion as a kid, a moment when I sat down accidentally on a cactus patch. My friend and I were sneaking up on my grandmother who was perched on a rock painting. She turned in our direction. We sat down. She spent then next hour removing spines from our bums!

    1. Barbara, I know this must have been painful -- but really, you tell the best stories. ;)

  2. Well now. Isn't this something. The image in its small size looked to me like blooms covered in dewy spider webs. I was surprised when I enlarged it. Quite a trick! Where was this taken? And when?

  3. Ha! Just read Barbara's comment. Ouch... (;

  4. Are these really cacti blossoms, Allison? They are so delicate and spectacular, all the more so juxtaposed against the thorns. Nature can be such a trickster, don't you think?

  5. Oh, what gorgeous composition and colours - I know they are cacti but the feeling is just so springlike and cheerful!

  6. Colour and composition seems to be a theme today. Lovely photo, Allison. Cactus flowers are fascinating, aren't they -- blossoming softly out of a plant that can be (as Barbara found) anything but soft. Yellow, peach, pink, red. And the spines create such an interesting natural pattern here. I remember horseback riding in the desert in Chile, in capris, and the horse kept brushing up against cacti (quite intentionally, I'm convinced). I ended up with my shins and calves a mass of scratches. They're beautiful from a safer distance, though.