Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Wordless Wednesday ~ April 2, 2014

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  1. What colours! What shapes! What a breath-taking shot. And, I confess, it makes me a bit homesick for the coast. Where exactly is this? It reminds me of wonderful times when our kids were little and we all (and our little dog) would go for puttering excursions for miles in our little outboard powered boat, heading out from Horseshoe Bay. I love this shot.

  2. The lines and colours here are stunning. That ripple of water in the foreground as if someone had just tossed in a stone. And I love the various forms of wood. The leafless tree, the evergreens in the distance. And that slant of cloud almost perfectly reflecting the slant of water made against the logs. Breath-taking.

    I love that it inspires these memories for Barbara! Wow. Am jealous of any childhood where scenes like this figured...

  3. Love the convergence and symmetry here, Allison ... tones, colours, lines ... natural and not so natural logs-once-trees. Beautiful!

  4. Believe it or not, this shot is taken across from Kelowna on the west side of the lake. I didn't know we had log booms on Okanagan Lake.

  5. Straight out of National Geographic - what gorgeous colours!