Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Wordless Wednesday ~ April 23, 214

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  1. OMG ... ain't (s)he sweet! Great capture, Allison!

  2. Um. Excuse me but is that a squirrel in your moose? (;

  3. I'm laughing at Matilda Magtree's comment. This is certainly an intriguing photo, Allison. Where did you find him? And what's he made of? I love the way his colour blends with that of the sky. And what IS that hanging from his mouth (chin?).

  4. Ha, ha that is supposed to be the tongue - I never thought about how strange it looks!

  5. Ooops, looks as if my earlier comment has disappeared. Now … what did I say? Something about how I loved the "prickles" on the chap, which conveys the moose-ish prickly character I think, very well -- never get too close to a moose! A terrific and intriguing shot and of course I wonder WHERE!!!!

  6. Metallica moose. I like the way you've framed it! It adds a lot to its personality I think. Sometimes the genius of a photo is in the framing, isn't it?