Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Wordless Wednesday ~ March 12, 2014

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  1. Ohhhhhh ... so pretty ... and delicate ... and delightful! Great capture, Allison!

  2. Oh my. This is amazing. Stunning even. The perfection of those lines slicing through the image contrasting with the magic of the glass balls. Really gorgeous. I'm trying to get a clue from tiny bits of reflection as to where this was taken 'from'... [Allyson would have something to say about that sentence...] Is it from the inside looking out at the tree, or on the outside with the tree being reflected in a mirrored window? Something about the size and placement of the ornaments suggests distance, so I'm thinking the tree is a reflection. Whatever the case... I crown you Master of the "Hmmmm"...!

    1. Thanks Carin. I am inside - the glass balls are hanging in the window (inside) and I'm looking out to the trees.

    2. Where? Did you do this lovely display chez you?

  3. This is pure enchantment. (Haven't looked at the other comments yet and late to the game today,) The demi criss-cross composition, the thrilling colours caught in the hanging glass pieces, against the white sky and the delicate foliage outside. The way the eye moves around the piece, lingering here, lingering there, but always pulled onward. I love this.

  4. Such lovely jewel colours - it looks like magical rain! (And I admire the composition too.)