Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Wordless Wednesday ~ March 19, 2014

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  1. This is perfect. I love everything about it: the texture of the satin pleats, the sparkle of the loves, the tiny hint of bare tanned arm, the forceful black background -- and the delicate, expressive gesture of the "young lady" lifting her skirt. I'm eager to know more.

  2. Ooops I meant "the sparkle of the GLOVES". Clearly I should take the time to proof-read.

  3. You took this??? Extraordinary. Just breath-takingly lovely. I don't even care what the story is. I could just look at this. And I don't even like dressy things. It's all about the lines you've caught, the way we can feel the fabric. I can imagine the person wearing this, see her head tilted in anticipation of a dancing kind of night... I think this is your best yet. And that's saying something. Thank you for the pleasure!

    1. Carin, you are too kind! Our photography club was invited to a little local fashion show fundraiser. Everyone else had fancy cameras and lenses so I decided to just focus on the details - this one made me happy.

    2. Focussing on the details is SUCH a great choice (and we all know who lives among them!). And I repeat: such a truly enchanting shot. It is marvellous how such a small "part of the whole" can tell the whole story.

  4. Oh, how graceful and lovely, how silky and swishy and beautifully draped. And, as Barbara says, the tiny hint of arm adds enormous personality to an otherwise almost abstract composition (well, that's not quite what Barbara said but she did mention the arm). Just perfect!

  5. Ooh la la ... scrumptious portrait of a more gentile times, Allison. Love the comp.