Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wordless Wednesday ~ February 26, 2014

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  1. BIG, hot red puzzle pieces! Vivid and brilliant, Allison!

  2. What a great study in positive and negative space (among other things!). I'm thinking part of a sculpture display … somewhere. Very pleasantly puzzling and intriguingly composed.

    1. No... although you could describe it as sculptural Barbara!

  3. Vivid colour and intriguing geometry here, Barbara. The wood grain adds an interesting element too. But what is it? Hmm. I thought at first giant puzzle pieces ... Is it funky modern furniture of some sort? I see it's on a carpet. I'm not sure why I'm thinking it's in a library ... I'm officially curious!

  4. Haven't read the comments but am seriously tempted. I love the wood grain, the colour, but find the grey carpet a bit of a surprise. Rules out gallery. Something keeps saying: children's section of a really high end library. [I'm imaging the wood as letters of the alphabet.] Or maybe the blocks spell something out?

  5. Could these be the legs of a coffee table??? Maybe even a coffee table I've sipped coffee at??? (Clearly I don't spend enough time UNDER the table to be sure! But this (these) does/do look familiar now that I peer closely again.

  6. I think they are bits of wood from that game where you stack odd shaped bits of wood into a tower and then remove them one by one until it comes crashing down. Or pieces of a Chinese wooden puzzle?