Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Wordless Wednesday ~ January 3, 2018

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  1. This is delightful, wonderfully whimsical, made me smile! And how brave of someone (?) to have an outdoor Christmas-bauble chandelier waiting to be hatted up with snow to welcome the new year!

  2. Interesting how the pointed cones of snow combined with the ironwork and formal patterns in the background combine to give this playful photo an almost ecclesiastical feel - at least to me. And there is something very joyous about that combination - perfect for the new year!

  3. I've been loving the caps on outdoor ornaments all winter, watching them change. Not much melting going on here, but the sun does change them, then more snow, or a squirrel leaps on a branch and there's a 'shiver' of snow that falls. This is an especially beautiful display... (next year's xmas card?) (:

  4. Delightful shot. How you, Alli, to see its potential. Bright Christmas baubles wearing snowy white hats. It makes me happy just looking at this.

  5. WOW ... what a great capture here Allison. 'Tis the Season!