Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Wordless Wednesday ~ December 20, 2017

Visit my snowy friends at:

Barbara Lambert
Carin Makuz
Cheryl Andrews
Elizabeth Yeoman
Allyson Latta


  1. Absolutely delightful image, Allison. Great eye to see and capture this pattern repeated in a range of primary colours!!

  2. Welcome to the lollipop road!! How whimsical and delightful -- it makes me feel like skipping along in the snow. (If only!)
    Great image, yes great capture, echoing Cheryl. Love it!

  3. You and your repetitions. The best eye! The story here is those people in the background. Am thinking they're considering a swim (because this is what hearty Penticton souls do, no?) and pausing to calculate the odds of making it before the whole place is enveloped in a disorienting fog. Of course they decide to take the plunge. The fog rolls in thick and fast. They are never seen again. It's a mystery thriller of the first order.

  4. A Swim to the Other Side... is the title. Forgot to mention that.

  5. Or, possibly... Splash Fog.

  6. Ha, Matilda, the "people" in the background are actually sculptured children permanently ready for a swim any old time.