Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Wordless Wednesday ~ February 3, 2014

Check out these WW pals:

Cheryl Andrews
Barbara Lambert
Allyson Latta
Elizabeth Yeoman
Carin Makuz


  1. Cheeky. Striking shades of blue (50?) That whirligig snippet of red is a great eye grabber as is the sculpture!

  2. "Cheeky" indeed Cheryl -- (hard to beat that comment!) -- but aside from that, what a terrific shot; raising, in the best "archaeological" manner, more questions than answers. (Where did you dig this up???) Looking forward to the story both of the torso, the strange red thing on the left that gives the whole scene a strange spark, and of course where you were, and what you thought!

  3. These kinds of sceptres on high are not at all uncommon in New Orleans Cheryl and Barbara. Cheeky indeed!

  4. haha! More blue. (Cheryl I just came from your site...)

    LOVE this blue on blue. How different it would be without that red. These 'details' blow me away with their power. You have a wonderful eye, aha.

  5. You do have a terrific eye, Allison. This would be interesting enough as an image, the solitary torso, but the angle you've chosen, with sky behind, really makes it. Is it stationary, or being held aloft by someone? What is the curious touch of red at lower left?