Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Wordless Wednesday ~ October 8, 2014

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  1. Oh terrific! Such a merrily composed shot -- the colours, the angle! -- and then at second look, the STORY! Or at least the question. Who broke the chair??? So now I'm imagining a Dr.'s waiting room in Mexico (the floor, the white-washed wall) and one very heavy patient who is off-camera now being lectured and put on a diet!!! All in all a terrific and delightful shot.

  2. Ha, I like your interpretation Barbara! This was in the basement of an old mansion in Fredericton that has been converted to an arts space. I guess the chairs came out of an auditorium or something and were being stored there. I loved the look of them - too elegant to throw away, but then there is that broken one!

  3. Not reading the above until I offer my thoughts, which are... home movie theatre, circa 1970, in someone's very funky and cleverly designed basement. Norman Bates? This doesn't account for the broken seat however... or does it?? I repeat: Norman Bates.

    So looking forward to the Real Story.
    (or shall I just wait for the DVD to come out?)

  4. Ha! Barbara had a good guess. And a plausible answer to the broken seat. NEVER would have thought Fredericton. Or even mansion. But an arts space! So nice to know the clever artsy people didn't throw this stuff out... bless them.

    Such a beautiful, quirky shot.

  5. Nice composition and colour. And very evocative as well - the seats make me think of all the joys and pleasure of the cinema, now over but perhaps there is a new life to come for these seats?