Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Wordless Wednesday ~ August 20, 2014

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Barbara Lambert
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  1. …and a dog!!!! What an utterly delightful picture. The wonderfully aged log building with its shingle-stripped roof, the clay cliffs, the tiny bit of rocky shore detail, the brilliant red tree … and, I must say again, a dog!!! The absolutely perfect final detail. Also I can smell the sage, the sun shining on those chalky cliffs, the reedy shore smell. Perfect. Where??????

  2. This is near Trout Creek, Barbara, walking west on the trail off the highway.

  3. What a brilliant mix of different textures. This is the most tactile photo I've seen in a long time. Very nice indeed!

  4. Oh, Allison, this is so lovely. There's a pioneer house very much like this on our bit of land. No roof, but otherwise quite charming... A family named McPherson built it, or so the legend goes. I often sit there and gaze at it in the middle of so much mountainside rugged nothingness and wonder how on earth they ever survived. But they did. And so did their house, though it's mostly a shell now. Still, I sometimes entertain thoughts of renovating it and making a writing studio... But first I must win the lottery.

  5. I love shots of abandoned, forgotten or dilapidated buildings, often the highlight of a road trip to anywhere. But this! This is spectacular with the backdrop of the foothills and all the more startling and clever to see that Berner (big as a bear, Carin) eyeballing you!