Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Wordless Wednesday ~ August 30, 2017

Chair Series #3

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  1. OH those wonderful chairs; a moveable feast of delight! And what a smile they brought to me this morning. Thank you Ms. AH.

  2. The chair series is making me curious: where are you finding them? (Presuming you're not travelling with them in a satchel.) Also, how interesting that they are always vacant, which is the story... why are they vacant? Freshly painted? Or located too far from any sommelier worth summoning? (Long way of saying, repeating probably, I really like this series... a lot.)

  3. Thanks Carin. I spotted all of these during my recent trip to Europe. I just love the look of the bright colours against stone and other backdrops and the simple lines catch my eye. Empty - because that's the way I like to catch them! (Before restaurants open).