Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Wordless Wednesday ~ August 16, 2017

Chair Series #1 ~

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  1. Such an intriguing perspective, Alli, and it works. All those repeating squares and rectangles, including the back and seat of the chair, and even the corner of the table (hinting at another square). The splash of lime green against the tan of the stone really makes it. And there are the questions it raises: Is there someone seated at the table, just out of sight? Are there other tables, or just this one? And if the latter, why ...? (What's the black square -- a grille or drain?)

  2. I love your eye, the way you find that splash of colour in an otherwise drab scene and take the drab right out of it. Gorgeous crop. (And a sort-of-theme with Allyson's... i.e. *places to sit and be happy that no one else seems to have found*)

  3. Oh Alli -- as always a delighted chuckle as I click on to your post. And then an appreciation of the composition; the diagonal line of blue tiles; the forthright statement of the black drain . And of course the glorious lime green chair making sense of it all!

  4. What an utterly perfectly balanced image, Allison. I love pics that pull me in and keep my eye wandering for surprises, big and small. Off frame brilliant green chair first, then the black grate in the midst of the tile floor, then the fascinating walls of stone or cement. GOOD ONE!