Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Wordless Wednesday ~ November 2, 2016

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  1. Oh, you! Such puzzles to unravel as well as admire the loveliness of the image. An interactive display at the Tate? I've been trying to read some of what's written in the cement but what most intrigues me are the mats laid out in a circle. Yoga at the Gallery?? (: But, no. I see a couple of people laying down, beach-like... so, bottom line, I'm stumped! But cannot wait to hear the story behind it. I hope it's something interactive, like daring people to 'do' something on those mats...

  2. It is at the Tate, Matilda, but I can't answer much more as I wasn't there for the reveal. I have a fascination with photographing scenes that I look down upon.

  3. Love the perspective on this shot, Allison. The circular set up might not be obvious from any other pov. Curious ... mats and music to nap by on otherwise cold stone floors? We may have a B&W theme going this Wordless Wednesday.

  4. Such a terrific image -- and like Ms. M I was trying to unravel the mystery by reading the "script" but failed. No matter. It's wonderful and special as a mystery.

  5. I love this photo, and I agree with you that there is something about shooting from above. Partly, I think I like it because I'm too shy to photograph people but from above it feels OK for some reason - they don't usually notice and they are kind of anonymous but still so human. I guess those are the reasons. And this one works brilliantly in black and white. It seems to be some kind of fundraiser?