Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Wordless Wednesday ~ November 16, 2016

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  1. Intriguing silhouette, Allison. Looking forward to the reveal ... how, where?

  2. haha! I immediately think of a chalk outline. In this case another bottle has been killed... (: Let me guess: this is part of a series of wine-glass 'breadcrumbs' leading one to the tasting bar or patio... yes? And if so, where?? Love it.

  3. Have no idea what this is (so, speechless?) Well, iImmediate thought is that background is "tar and gravel" roof -- very freshly applied. And given my experience with tar-and-gravel roofers over the years, I suspect there's been a little extra-curricular activity going on on that roof. but what was Ms. AH doing up there, that's the Q???
    Intriguing shot.

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  5. I spotted this at Dirty Laundry Winery in Summerland - stencilled onto the pavement:)

  6. I did think (before reading Allison's reveal) that it was probably a stencil on pavement but what struck me about it is the way it almost vibrates. It is so dynamic, like a pointillist painting.