Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Wordless Wednesday ~ November 4, 2015

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  1. I can smell the bacon sizzling and the hash browns browning up … this is delightful, the napkin holder, the sauce bottle, the cup of coffee someone drank and rushed back to the office after… I reminds me of early morning hideouts I used to seek when I had a fabric studio in the "lower end" of Vancouver (is there even an ashtray on the table??) except that this is more upscale. And I love the sepia light. Absolutely you 've caught the atmosphere wonderfully. Does the sign on the door say "Chinese and Western?) Anyway, I love it. Great shot.

  2. Beautiful, Allison. Another in your wonderful series of 'repetitions'. You have an eye for these patterns. At first glance (and the shot begs so many more) I'm reminded of every diner and formica'd table I've happily eaten at. A happy picture, this. The table with a bit of debris on it. The muted colours you've chosen. You've captured the relaxed, transient, a lovely 'favourite local' vibe... (one of your stops on the Great Walks?)

  3. How elegantly golden and geometric! And part of the brilliance of this photo is that the simple diner looks so stately and yet retains its authenticity. The middle aisle drawing the eye to a quiet booth at the back where a story is about to unfold. Over chop suey or a burger with fries?