Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Wordless Wednesday ~ May 3, 2017

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  1. Oh my goodness! Aside from its brilliance as a photo, the play of open squares against the vertical shaft of wall, there's the sudden blow as one looks again after the first gasp, and recognizes the destruction -- and then what fascination to look closely, image enlarged, to see (glimpse) details of the rooms within, the TV set in one of the half-destroyed openings, the beautiful mouldings and cornices on one of the rooms above. This is amazing, sad, terrifying. Where is this???

  2. Barbara, I took this shot in Detroit and sadly, it is an everyday sight there. I too was struck with the sense of life interrupted.

  3. I have a thing about where people live. I love neighbourhoods and seeing into windows at night... (should I be admitting this??)... anyway, as you might guess, I'm so drawn to this, to the story/ies to be imagined. Wow. The peek at the interior, the various arches that are visible. It looks like it was once a grand building. And that TV, and the 'era' of it. What a find. I would actually buy a copy of this and hang it on my wall. It's fabulous, Allison. My new favourite. The b&w is perfect of course.