Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Wordless Wednesday ~ January 20, 2016

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  1. Oh we do we do we do have a theme today! And what a lovely chuckle first thing this morning, PhotoAlly. And SO many questions this raises. Someone lost their high lace-up hiking boot on the trail? How on earth??? Or someone balanced on that post and ZOOOOM was shot one-booted into the sky (his Mom always told him to lace up better!). Or....? Anyway, this is JUST the sort of delightful mystery that Ms. AH so often generates. I love it!!

  2. This makes me think of the memoir "Wild," which opens with Cheryl Strayed losing one of her hiking boots over a cliff, and then, because what use is one boot, throwing the other over after it! I've seen "shoe trees" in various roadside woods, but this lone boot, perched on a fence-post, makes quite a statement. There's something slightly menacing about the shot too -- the dark sky, and the branches at right reaching as if to engulf it, which I suppose in time they would.

  3. Nice angle, this. Really gives pause for study: what is it about shoes left in nature? Flung into trees or over hydro wires... I'm guessing this one's nailed on? In ever case, it feels like accomplishment or resignation. (or just a lark I suppose, but what's the fun in imagining that??) Looking forward to the backstory.

  4. Talk about a clever ... what a find. Good eye, Allison. Great comp.