Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Wordless Wednesday ~ October 16, 2013

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Allyson Latta
Barbara Lambert
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Carin Makuz


  1. Love the soft focus on this, Allison. Great capture ... such an 'eye' to see this thought- provoking abstract composition ...

  2. Wow! That captures wonderfully what I often think is the hidden psychological truth about life: that all around us huge objects might be falling from the sky, just missing us if we are lucky.... In this case, the pedestrian just MIGHT make it past before the elephant hits the sidewalk! Love it.

  3. The image is top-heavy (that's not criticism), a big weight balanced on the head of the figure - while the elephant is headless, struggling in unnatural surroundings. (I know that feeling...) I like the strong, dissecting lines, and the lights & darks. My first impression was that this is an art exhibition, and I wondered if the figure is in front of or behind a projection screen? Real or shadow? Or maybe it's just an ad in a subway...

    1. Well done Sheila - you got it! It's at the MOMA in NYC.

  4. I like the light and shadow in this one, and the milky green of the background image. At first glance I thought it was taken in an aquarium, till I realized what was above/behind the human figure. It's "hint of hmm" is partly that we don't see the entire elephant, which makes it more mysterious and open to interpretation. We just see the feet and he seems to be reaching out to the person, who is passing by, oblivious. Humankind unappreciative of the greatness and gentleness of nature, which is often within our reach? I'm sure there could be many interpretations, which is what makes it an excellent photo!

  5. The rule of thirds but not quite. And it's the "not quite" that makes it more interesting, along with the subject: the vulnerable elephant and the vulnerable human.

  6. What timing! Am guessing this is an installation... video perhaps? Does that foot eventually step down? Love the unnatural background to the elephant... Would be a totally different feeling were it 'resting' on anything remotely earth-like. Gorgeous!