Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Wordless Wednesday ~ March 14, 2018

A Near Spring Walk

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  1. "Near" indeed. I can smell the sage, I can hear (or imagine) an early meadowlark. So Okanagan springlike, this land so full of hope, anticipation! (Oooops is that snow along the shore? Is that ICE on the lake? Never mind, I still hear that meadowlark.

  2. haha! I like your 'vision', Barbara. And yours, Allison! If this walk is on offer, sign me up. If wine and dinner are at the other end... well, I'm already signed up. Let's go!

    Was curious so I googled this... Now the vision is complete!

  3. I would love to walk that trail, focussed on the mountains on the horizon, all the while listening to the river beginning it's joyous Spring run.