Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Wordless Wednesday ~ June 28, 2017

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  1. What lacy perfection -- what a beautiful array of textures; how perfect this composition is in black and white. I could look and look. I have! And I was so lost in the rippled fabric of the lake, the lace of the grass and pine, the dotted moire of the the aspen trees ... that it was only later, with a shock, that I realized the "story" of the picture is the dangerously risen lake and the "joke" of the picnic table being half submerged. Tres clever, Ms. AH.

  2. This is so perfect in B&W. Did you do any other post-processing to get the effect? I love the soft texture of the wooden table, the solidity it represents in the face of everything else that is 'moving' around it. And yet its 'solid form' is the very thing that's being threatened. A winner.

  3. Carin, I played around with the 'sharpness' and 'definition' settings in iPhoto to try to give it a softer silvery look.

  4. At first view I loved the scene until I realized the picnic table is 'knee deep' in flooding waters. The shot is alluring, Allison. It teases the eye in, to travel the terrain of the B&W image and then 'pow' a surprising message of something not nearly as handsome as the image. Well done. I love surprises in all things ...

  5. My first thought was "high tide at Okanagan Lake" and my second has already been stated articulately above by everybody else, that it's all about the textures and contrasts. And black and white works perfectly to emphasize that.