Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Wordless Wednesday ~ January 18, 2017

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Elizabeth Yeoman


  1. How mysterious and lovely. It speaks Victoria to me -- the west coast evergreens, the very British looking lamp standard, the manicured wilderness of the river or canal -- enchanting in this subdued light!

  2. Oh how beautiful. I would like to propose the story is that which just happened. Someone was just here, at this bench and someone else came along, a rendezvous, awkward. Possibly online daters. Neither looked at the other. Both stared at the water and fought to find something to say. One took out their phone and began tweeting boredom. But why didn't it work out? What didn't they like about each other on sight? Geez, we'll never know. Because now they're gone...

  3. Oh Carin, I really have to start looking at these pictures differently!

  4. Such a moody photo, with its palette and lighting: dark in the foreground with that glimmer of water beyond (framed so nicely by the bridge and other elements in the shot). The story it tells could be melancholy or romantic, or both. A beautiful melancholy. Lovely composition here too: the dramatic angled tree trunk along with other lines -- the light pole and fence posts and even the tree branches arcing above. I agree with Barbara that it feels very west coast.

  5. Love the contrast in both the tones and the elements of this shot, Allison. Wonderful composition. The 'organic' juxtaposed against the 'in-organic'.