Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Wordless Wednesday ~ December 7, 2016

All I can say is "yum"!

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Cheryl Andrews
Carin Makuz
Allyson Latta
Barbara Lambert
Elizabeth Yeoman


  1. Ohhhh, yummmmmyy! Want some. What array of choices. How does one choose? Great pic, Allison. Did you find a favourite flavour?

  2. Sadly, I didn't get one Cheryl. This was in London and I believe they were in the $20 range!

  3. This is absolutely unfair, Alli! What glory, what colours, what a tempting array. I am so sorry that you did not get one for yourself -- but so glad that you captured them all the same, for us all.

  4. Oh, what a dazzling array. And tempting. I want one, even though I don't know quite what they are. (??) I'm always attracted to displays like this -- rows of colourful anything -- in bakeries, ice cream parlours, jewellery stores, etc.

  5. I love bakery displays. They always look so delicious and tempting even though I don't have a sweet tooth. Regardless, I always *pick* a favourite. Sorry to hear you didn't indulge. But understandable at $20. Were they filled with lottery tickets?

  6. I agree with the comments about how tantalizing these look. I would also like to have this picture as a jigsaw puzzle, with all the rows of luscious colours. About London pastries in the $20 range though, I have a story and it might have a moral - I'll leave that to you to decide: A couple of years ago we visited a small and lovely town in northern England called Hexham, ever since known to us as the cake capital of England. During our visit we ate several different sorts of pastries and cakes at various charming and friendly little cafes and tea shops (not all on the same day, honest!). On our way home afterwards we spent a day in London walking around Little Venice, Notting Hill and Kensington. After a few hours of wandering, we were hungry and thirsty and happened to be passing a bakery-cafe that had a display of gorgeous looking cherry tarts in the window, reminiscent of some especially delicious ones we had in Hexham. So, of course, we went in and ordered them with coffee. You can guess the ending of this story: the Kensington ones cost literally three times as much, maybe even four times as much, as the Hexham ones, and they were about one quarter as good. The pastry was cardboardy and the filling just somehow wasn't even a patch on the succulence of the Hexham tarts. Which is not to say that this would be true of all London bakeries, of course, but you never know, you might get something just as good or even four times better in Penticton!