Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Wordless Wednesday ~ July 6, 2016

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  1. These brightly coloured units look like lockers of some kind, Allison. Intriguing image. Looking forward to the reveal.

  2. They are swim change rooms in Plymouth, England Cheryl. I love that tradition at beaches everywhere in England.

  3. Beautifully framed, Allison, right down to that bit hand rail in the bottom right corner. Love the wayward series of lines and of course colours. And your eye for repetition! I've never seen on-the-beach change rooms in real life but have heard much about the English penchant for them. I think I may have dreamt once about sleeping in one.

  4. Yes, they're fascinating Carin. We once saw a family steadfastly huddled in one in northern England in a cold gale - they're tough, those folks!

  5. I knew it was in England before reading the comments - though I have seen them in northern France too. In some respects I don't really see the point, since you can't sleep in them, but then again, there is something about just having your own little spot, however tiny, isn't there? And they do look so charming. You've captured a slice of England!