Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Wordless Wednesday ~ June 15, 2016

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Allyson Latta
Carin Makuz
Cheryl Andrews
Barbara Lambert
Elizabeth Yeoman


  1. Allison you never cease to amaze with the originality of your "eye", the things you see! This is remarkable. Where??? The slightly "Biedermeier" look of the balconied building makes me thing...Vienna? Of could this possibly be the London Eye? Anyway, everything about this is perfect.

  2. Thanks Barbara, this is in Brighton, looking down the street where we stayed towards the famous Brighton Pier.

  3. Omigosh ... I see this is in Brighton. It hardly seems real. Something so fascinating about the depth of field on this composition. The effect is enhanced by choice of tone! Beauty!

  4. You have a distinct style. And, as Barbara says, your eye is extraordinary. Wonderful pov, capturing two different moods. And yet, together, they create a whole geometric third dimension. The colours are great too. You've done a lot in these tones. A series perhaps?? (: