Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Wordless Wednesday ~ February 10, 2016

It's that time again - to view these Wonderful Wordless Wednesday Wonders:

Allyson Latta
Cheryl Andrews
Barbara Lambert
Carin Makuz
Elizabeth Yeoman


  1. Gee Whiz!!! That is a stunner. So MANY tales come bustin' up waiting to be told. I can hear the clatter of hoofs riding up, the jingle of spurs, I can almost touch the broken dreams this old dwelling holds. What a wonderful shot, Ally!

  2. Such stories this once-loved building could tell. Fabulous capture, Allison.

  3. Wow .. this looks like something right out of the old west .. great shot! Bastet

  4. I could sit for hours here (with a sandwich) and wonder at the comings and goings, the conversations, the 'times' had, food eaten, the garden if there was one... I love the smell of these places. Your shot is so pure it almost comes to mind, the wood looks a little damp even (taken after a rain?). And didn't they build amazing well? It almost looks like early townhouses, all attached... worker's lodgings maybe? Details please!