Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Wordless Wednesday ~ September 30, 2015

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  1. Imagining this as a garage door and wondering why mine is white... LOVE this. For at least a dozen reasons. And I love your eye.

  2. An adorable and delightful image, Allison. A ladybug lived with me for several weeks last winter ... loved to walk on the pages of my open notebook.

  3. How joyous! I could look at this for hours, the tiny details, the delicate flowers in the background and the strange balancing "bird" (?) beside the golden arc. The three-story delicate shelving, such a surprising detail in this "natural" composition .. and then: I can't help imagining the ladybugs actually trekking along the arch of a golden rainbow towards a lady-bug version of a pot of gold. So whimsical and downright beautiful. And, of course, what a clever eye to catch and fame it just so.

  4. Such a wonderfully colourful, whimsical image -- and is it a mural? Hard to tell how big it is from the shot. Where on earth did you spot it? On a fence? The side of a building? Someone has a great sense of colour ...and humour. And the detail! The movement! Great capture, Allison. What is Bugsy's?

  5. Gorgeous colours and such a light touch both in the painting and in your photography!