Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Wordless Wednesday ~ July 8, 2015

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  1. The geometry of this is lovely. At a quick count, I see ten, maybe eleven, separate 'areas'. Not counting the stripes of the bench.

  2. Okay, Okanaganite that I am, I am going to go for this being a fruit-drying rack, cleverly beach located (of some lucky home-on-the-beacher!) or alternatively later in the season a tomato-drying rack. And yet, and yet….? In any case, a marvellously sunny composition, with what I take to be a line of damp sand so neatly dividing the horizontal area, and the table (or whatever!) so cleverly aligning itself over its diagonal shadow. But actually, what what what is this 2-legged thing? I'm stumped.

  3. Actually it's a bench in Plymouth, England, Barbara!

  4. Okay okay! I see that now. BUT is that a wave-line or am I still being imaginative???

  5. Love the geometric minimalism of this shot, Allison, striking composition. And it looks so HOT ... pic and temp.

  6. Great composition and colours and I especially like the use of negative space. It's a very soothing picture, yet also an enticing one that invites one to sit down in the sun.