Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Wordless Wednesday ~ January 7, 2015

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Barbara Lambert
Allyson Latta
Cheryl Andrews
Carin Makuz
Elizabeth Yeoman


  1. At last!! The Abominable Snowman sighted on Penticton Beach! We all knew he was out there palling around with the Ogogpogo … but this capture is a first. Nice work. (And terrific picture.) (Love the textures…and the mystery.)

  2. In small format this appears to be sand but enlarged I see the perfection of it all... those (raccoon?) prints... lovely. Can imagine the wee critter going oooch, ouch, as he made his frosty way. But best of all, that scrap of ice, bottom left. Lest we imagine lotus land never freezes...

  3. Matilda, I think you're right, they were about the size of racoon prints. They looked so delicate in that thin frosting of snow.

  4. Funny Feetz! And is that sepia' snow, Allison ... surely no sand to be found after the dumping of snow you got this week?

  5. I love the minimalism here, and the textures. Like the others, I wasn't sure at first whether it was sand or snow, but in the enlargement it's clearer. The feet ... I thought raccoon too, but without context it's hard to say -- maybe they're in fact HUGE, like Sasquatch prints. Snow has so many forms, doesn't it, and a dusting like this seems gentle, magical. I can almost sense how it would feel if I touched it. What's under the snow, Allison? Rock? Sand?

  6. This is on pavement Allyson with a thin, thin frosting of snow.