Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Wordless Wednesday ~ November 12, 2014

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  1. Oh the colour, the colour! And that marvellous frieze of humpback island rising out of the blue like undersea creatures, with on either side (that is top and bottom) the soothing balance of sea and sky, the brilliance below, the calm "baby blue" with fluffy clouds above. Where?????? (Nirvana?)

  2. Approaching our beautiful province of Newfoundland, Barbara!

  3. A perfect study in thirds.

    (What is it about where water meets sky that is endlessly, endlessly, captivating...)


  4. Can that blue possibly be real? It's stunning. Such simple beauty with sea and mountains and sky. Infinite variations on that and yet always captivating.

  5. Oh, what a spectacular blue. Argentia then - I read the comments and can see it isn't Port-aux-Basques - otherwise I might not have recognized it. I have been there many times but have never seen that precise shade of sapphire. Interesting that Carin says it is a perfect study in thirds. I was going to comment that the composition works beautifully despite not conforming to the rule of thirds. How are our views so different, Carin?

    1. I was using the simplistic divisions of sky, land and water. Maybe too simplistic? How do you see it?