Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Wordless Wednesday ~ October 14, 2014

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  1. Love those X's, V's and W's. And that we can't see the other end. Very powerful and tons of movement. Impossible, really, to just look at one spot, the prominent X for instance. The eye won't settle. Or the mind. A different kind of meditation. And that sky... Nicely caught en route! You must have had an exceptionally clean windshield? Though I prefer to imagine you standing up through a sunroof... (:

  2. Where where where??? This bridge "feels" old and I'm wondering if there is one of those scary gratings instead of a "floor" and through it one sees the depts? Very keen composition with so much to study looking up! And beyond, almost scary, the sense of distance. Great shot.

  3. Not quite that clever, Carin and Barbara! It's an old train bridge in Fredericton that has been converted to a wonderful walking bridge - which I was doing when I pointed up and took this shot.

  4. Great structures and architecture.

  5. I like the stark metal against the blue sky, and all those geometric shapes within shapes, x's, and zigzags. Carin's right -- the eye can't settle on any one spot. Interesting that something static like a bridge can -- taken at the right angle -- create that effect. The things you find on your travels, Allison!