Monday, September 29, 2014

Wordless Wednesday ~ October 1, 2014

This seemed a fitting shot for my Wordless Wednesday Pals this week:
Allyson Latta
Barbara Lambert
Elizabeth Yeoman
Carin Makuz
Cheryl Andrews


  1. Terrific! together, you and "G Santerre" did a fabulous job. What a colourful and evocative shot. I am longing to hear more about where exactly you found this! "fitting" for your wordless pals indeed.

  2. Thanks Barbara - this official rock graffiti appears in Riviere du Loup which I posted in honour of my meeting there with Allyson Latta. Here's the story:

  3. Very cool rock painting, Allison. I know there's a WW story behind this beyond your recent visit to Riviere du loup, and I am so looking forward to the reveal.

  4. I initially took this to be a small painting but on a closer look I see that it's actually HUGE. What a fitting and beautiful tribute to The Serendipity of Riviere du Loup!

    I see you've linked to some background. Must read. It's all about story, after all...

  5. Oh no. I don't think the link works...

  6. Such a colourful bit of rock graffiti, Allison, and a clever use of the shape of the rock as part of the effect. It's very well done -- the feathers even look ... feathery! I'm trying to figure out how large it is. I thought at first small, but then looked closer and I think I was wrong. In any case, someone talented created it! I'm so curious as to where you found this, Allison. The only photos I took in Rivere du Loup were of that spectacular sunset over the St. Lawrence River - the one we were both looking at, thought we didn't realize it at the time. I'm going to read the link you provided now. But anyway, as always, you have a great eye.