Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Wordless Wednesday ~ May 28, 2014

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  1. What a great eye you have, Allison! Love the juxtaposition nature to pavement, and green foliage to cross-walk white.

  2. I agree with Cheryl -- terrific eye! Great juxtaposition of "geometry and greens", and a crosswalk that looks as if it would take one more or less anywhere! Love this shot. My question: where exactly were you hovering, PhotoAlly?

  3. I like the contrast between the natural greenery and the manmade pavement and white geometric lines. And there's that teeny hint of colour in the street and stop signs. I find this composition pleasing to the eye -- shot so the lines are diagonal -- and it piques curiosity: where do these crosswalks lead? Most interesting because there's no hint at all of what's beyond the trees or out of the frame top right.

  4. Zebra stripes! How lovely. We only need the Beatles to complete the picture!

    Love the way you've framed it with the fir trees and their delicate 'candles' just coming out. The soft haphazard greens against the rigidity of lines and signs.

  5. Zebra crossing I mean, not stripes. (: