Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Wordless Wednesday ~ October 23, 2013

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  1. I like the way the contrail is 'pointing' to the head of the middle figure. Also the way you've framed it, with a sliver of grass up front so we can see its beginning, but not its end... New York? Story please. (:

  2. Wow, Allison, disturbing in a way, but also intriguing. Those "topless" figures appear to be in motion, and to go on forever. I like the contrail -- maybe unplanned(?) but an added element that drew my eye. And the cluster of buildings at rear left so we know this is in a city. Love the shadows, especially the very clear one cast by the figure at left. I'm not sure what these figures represent but I can't stop looking. What's the installation called, and where is it? NYC?

  3. These sculptures are a wonderful monument to bipedalism! So I googled that and found out...

    "...that human bipedalism boils down to one thing: energy. [Research] examined differences in upright walking between four adult humans and five adult chimpanzees... As a group, the humans used 75 percent less energy walking upright than the chimps used walking on all fours. Essentially, walking upright seemed to be beneficial because it saved energy." (From "How Stuff Works" on bipedalism).

  4. Simply stunning ... had to enlarge it to get the full impact of these headless legs. Where ever did you capture such an intriguing sculpture, Allison?