Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Wordless Wednesday ~ September 24, 2013

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Carin Makuz
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  1. Clearly "no parking" in front of this building. What a great shot.

  2. ...and I love the pearly light, kind of like being inside a shell (which maybe was what it felt like as well?)

  3. Now that's a smart, urban parking mall. The Painted Ladies in The Beaches district of Toronto (http://wp.me/pMDBH-1z5) have two-level, stacked parking built into the garage of ever town home! Do you get to keep the one you like when you shuffle through the layers of cars ...?

  4. Love the grittiness of the graffiti'd brick with the technology of the lifts. Some things change, some don't...

    So... what's the story here, madam? How does such a place work? I don't get out much, you see.

  5. Intriguing shot, and again your good eye caught something many wouldn't. The striking vertical lines, the pearlescent light, the graffiti in the background all give it a sort of urban-beauty appeal.

    There were many garages of this sort in Japan when I lived there -- space being so limited. Many had something like a large turntable on the bottom so that cars could be driven in forward, but turned around so the driver could later leave without backing out. Maybe this has that too. I don't know how long these stackables have been in the US or elsewhere, but I know I'd never seen any before being in Japan in the early 1990s.

    I like what Barbara said about it feeling like we're inside a shell.